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ROUTE 108, STOWE, VT, 05672, USA

Ski Inn is located at ROUTE 108, STOWE, VT, 05672, USA where they specialize in ski lodge & tourist home. SKI INN has been registered and doing business in Vermont since 05/15/1989.

Based on the business registration status, our records indicate that this business is currently Inactive. SKI INN may no longer be doing business in the state of Vermont.

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Business Details
Business Name: Business ID: 0157271
Business Type: Trade Name Business Status: Inactive
Expiration Date: 06/29/2009 Last Renewal Date: 04/30/1999
Business Description: SKI LODGE & TOURIST HOME
Date of Incorporation / Registration Date: 05/15/1989  
Principal Business Office Address: ROUTE 108, STOWE, VT, 05672, USA Mailing Address: ROUTE 108, STOWE, VT, 05672, USA
Citizenship: Domestic/VT    
Registered Agent Information
Name: NONE
Physical Address: NONE
Mailing Address: NONE
Trade Name Owned By
Name Title Address
HARRIET HEYER Member RFD #1, BOX 1940, STOWE, VT, 05672, USA
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