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ROUTE 105, NEWPORT, VT, 05855, USA

Lighting Barn is located at ROUTE 105, NEWPORT, VT, 05855, USA where they specialize in lighting fixtures. LIGHTING BARN has been registered and doing business in Vermont since 07/31/1980.

Based on the business registration status, our records indicate that this business is currently Inactive. LIGHTING BARN may no longer be doing business in the state of Vermont.

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Business Details
Business Name: Business ID: 0173306
Business Type: Trade Name Business Status: Inactive
Expiration Date: 09/30/1990    
Business Description: LIGHTING FIXTURES
Date of Incorporation / Registration Date: 07/31/1980  
Principal Business Office Address: ROUTE 105, NEWPORT, VT, 05855, USA Mailing Address: ROUTE 105, NEWPORT, VT, 05855, USA
Citizenship: Domestic/VT    
Registered Agent Information
Name: NONE
Physical Address: NONE
Mailing Address: NONE
Trade Name Owned By
Name Title Address
STEMAC HOLDINGS (U.S.) LIMITED Corporation Owner1 HCR 13, BOX 32, NEWPORT, VT, 05855, USA
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